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Device helps to get the correct heat for baths

"GETTING the temperature right for a bath is vital for anyone, not least when it comes to bathing for the elderly.

Which is why for the last decade one homecare company has been investing in a simple but effective device which tells the user when the water is the correct temperature.

Since Stroud-based DoCare set up in 2004, it has been using the ‘Hotspot’ produced by Insight Medical, which is based just a few miles down the road in Tetbury.

The Hotspot is a device which is placed in the water and when the bath water gets to the correct temperature it changes colour, helping to prevent any risk of scalding.

“There have been cases where elderly people have been scalded and even died as a result of baths being too hot, so ensuring a bath is at the right temperature is a very serious issue,” said DoCare Area Manager Kerry-Ann Lees.

“We have been using Insight Medical’s Hotspot now for 10 years and the clients are delighted with them.”

Insight Medical’s sales manager, John Warner, knew exactly which homecare provider to turn to when his mother, Joan, needed support.

Now Joan uses a Hotspot when she bathes with help from DoCare staff.

Insight Medical managing director, Wayne Hillman, said: “This is a fantastic device, which we have been selling for the Durham-based inventor for the last 12 years.

“He’s recently retired, so we’ve taken over the product entirely.

“There’s no doubt, that using the Hotspot saves lives.”

For more information about the Hotspot and Insight Medical visit the producer’s website online at"

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