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DoCare helps out with best practice manual for supporting people with dementia

An important new manual, aimed at developing the skills of homecarers who support people with dementia, features a contribution from DoCare.

DoCare was asked to submit a chapter for the manual, called ‘Better domiciliary care for people with dementia’, about how the company enhances the quality of life of its clients who have dementia, by offering activity-based support.

The guide has been produced by Skills for Care, which works with more than 17,000 adult social care employers and other partners to develop the skills, knowledge and values of the 1.5 million workers in the sector. By working with employers and sharing best practice, it aims to raise quality and standards across the whole sector and to ensure dignity and respect are at the heart of service delivery.

Kerry-Ann Lees, Dementia Lead at DoCare, said she was delighted the company had been invited to contribute. “We firmly believe in spreading best practice in all areas of care, not just dementia care, so by taking part in the production of this guide we can both help others learn from our experience, and we can improve our training and delivery by learning from theirs.

“Our activity-based support is aimed at enhancing the visits we make to our clients with dementia. Even small activities – like chatting about a news item, or an ornament in the room – can make a difference to our clients and prompt greater interaction with them.”

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