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Teatime! Elderly people brew up to raise dementia awareness

Tea, cake and conversation were in full flow among elderly people in Stroud, who took a tea break from their daily routine to help support National Dementia Awareness Week.

The visitors to Wyatt House care home’s day centre joined in the tea party to help raise awareness for the condition and also took part in a raffle to boost funds for the Alzheimer’s Society, which runs the awareness week. The theme for the week is is talking, so what better way to talk than over a cup of tea.

The tea party and raffle where sponsored by Gloucestershire homecare provider DoCare, and its Stroud Area Manager Michelle Abbott was at the event to join in the fun.

“At DoCare we’re passionate about dementia awareness and invest in specialist training for our staff to help them care for our clients who have dementia,” said Michelle. “We know from our experience how important it is to diagnose dementia as early as possible, so Dementia Awareness Week is an excellent way of highlighting this condition.”

DoCare offers a free assessment for all elderly people in Gloucestershire, who are concerned about their memory. Carried out on an iPad in people’s homes, it takes the form of a game and can flag up potential problems with memory.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “‘The theme this Dementia Awareness Week is talking. We are encouraging everyone to have a conversation about dementia and find out more. It is not just about preparing us all for a condition that is on the rise and currently incurable. It is about banishing the stigma surrounding dementia that is causing so many people to struggle in silence.”