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Laila Valentine

Laila Valentine

Financial Controller

All things financial come under Laila’s watchful gaze. She’s been with DoCare for ten years, organising payroll, client payments and accounts, and is firmly in charge of the petty cash tin.

Laila is very cosmopolitan. She was born in Denmark, moved to Perth and later to Sydney, then lived in New Zealand for ten years, before coming to the UK with her husband in 2002 - only planning to stay for two years! Her children are also globetrotters, with two in Australia. Her youngest is at university in the UK.

Keen on fitness, Laila occasionally braves the hill into Stroud and cycles to the office. This stands her in good stead for the sportives (very long bike rides) that she takes part in. One was 100 miles, but mostly they are a mere 60 to 80 miles! Not at all bad for someone who is a grandmother of two.

Laila’s word for herself is ‘quiet’ – we are less sure!

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